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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

National Pancake Day & a FREE deal for you & the Kiddos!

Every once in awhile I like to treat the Kiddos to Breakfast for Dinner! 
They sure love having syrup & pancakes for dinner & tonight I have an Excellent Freebie for you & your Kiddos!!!

Today - Tuesday, February 23rd is National Pancake Day and to celebrate IHOP has a fantastic deal!

So why not take the Kiddo's out tonight for Breakfast for dinner & get some Free pancakes!! For more info go to IHOP at

Happy Pancaking!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Who doesn't love a pretzel!

Here is a great way to keep the Kiddo's quiet while you get a little shopping in on a Saturday. 

This will be a great time to get the Kiddo's the cleats for spring sports and a FREE treat too!

If you go to the site you can even get a text msg reminder set up!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Kids Night on Broadway!

I  know this is late notice but I wanted to share a fabulous deal with everyone and for some of you there is still time to buy tickets!!! 

If you are not in the NY area take a look at the national line up and see if there are still tickets available in your area.  I know in NY there are still some seats available for this Sunday & there are dinner & parking deals as well.  It is a great opportunity to take your Kiddo's to experience the theater at a resonable price.  So take a look and see if you might be able to take advantage of this great offer and let me know what you see!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Great new Kiddo Friendly Website.

The Kiddos of today are almost as savy on the computer at 8 as some of us are & we are much older.  I would like to share a great new site that my older Kiddos are having a ball with.

I was introduced to this fantastic site (Thank you Kim!) called   This site has twice the great educational opportunities as most websites for your Kiddos!   They can pick from a variety of topics from Math to Foreign Language, with different difficulty levels for each. From basic addition and subtraction to algebra, from Geography to Chemistry this site has it all.  They display all answers to the questions as either correct or incorrect and if your Kiddo misses an answer it is put back into the rotation to be asked again, reinforcing what they may have had difficulty with.  Now this alone is a fantastic site, but there is an even greater humanitarian component to this site...your Kiddo's screen has an image of a small bowl on the side for every correct answer your Kiddo gets the bowl is filled with 10 grains of rice.  For each grain of rice your Kiddo puts into the bowl will donate the same amount of actual rice to the United Nations World Food Program!!! This is a fantstic opportunity to show your Kiddos how learning benefits not only themselves but someone else who is in need.  I would strongly recommend you take a look, you may even find yourself answering some Foreign Language questions from your High School days!! 

So take a few minutes & let your Kiddo get some extra studying in while helping to feed a Kiddo in need.

Happy Learning!